Our work has helped sell over 1,000 homes, totalling over $500m in the recent years. Sin has deep experience in this sector, from designing fully realised resort themes, to crafting sales centres, marketing collateral and sales initiatives.

Product - A Sense of Place

Successful places are experienced as stories that enrich our lives. Placemaking is one of the most underestimated requirements of any retirement development and sales planning. For an over 50s resort to become a community it needs a sense of place and a heart.

We have extensive experience in developing resort themes for over 50s, creating a deep and connected continuity across architecture, home design, interior design and landscaping.

Successful placemaking delivers continuing benefits for users and developers, because places with meaning and resonance are places that people want to be part of. Talk to us about adding value to your resort and your bottom line.

We know
the new

The typical customer found in current retirement villages is not to be confused with the new LLC customer.
We have reworked what retirement means for a new class of retiree, with incredible results.

Identifying and understanding your customer early is critical to plan a product they want and will pay more for. They are more than an age demographic.

Your customer in 5 years is not the same as your customer today. We have extensive experience in profiling the right customer and ensuring the project is future-proofed to last a 5-10 year sales cycle, competing against re-sales, new developments and economic changes.

is not

Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding among those involved in over 50s resort sales is to think of it as another real estate product. This is a unique product, selling to a sophisticated audience with challenging sales cycles. It is more a lifestyle purchase than an asset purchase.

Based on experience and results we can help:

  • Differentiate your over-50s resort to become aspirational and destinational
  • Attract a younger demographic
  • Understand and target the new LLC customers (who are different to traditional retirement village customers)
  • Why your business model needs to be inverted from the DMF village business model
  • Find the new market gap
  • Choose the right sales channels and create marketing programmes
  • Manage the longer sales cycle
  • Design and produce all marketing and digital collateral


Whether people are buying land, homes or shoes, they want to feel something beyond price and features.
They want to be part of a story that inspires and resonates with their own values.

Sin creates cohesive and compelling brands for over 50s resorts that breathe life into personalities beyond the sum of their homes and facilities, positioning the project for ongoing sales success, irrespective of competitors or outside influences. This has been achieved with a proven method, a unique skill set and a combination of assets that differentiate us from other people in the market. Full in-house capabilities for brand, design and marketing, from sales suites to digital campaigns.

Zoneable interactive masterplans

Sin designs and implements interactive masterplans for both web and sales centre touch screens using Zoneable technology developed by Sin. All data is in real time, driven by a cloud hosted spreadsheet that connects to the internal sales database. This means all availability is live without database duplication. Visitors can select the house design they like and immediately find available homes on the masterplan. The technology stores all large images locally so they can be delivered in 4K quality to the screen without lag.