Bowling Alley Mural - Palm Lake Resort Cooroy-Noosa

Noosa’s famous bay and beach are well known for a host of characters that seem unchanged year after year. From its famous surf break peeling back to the point, to its long lunches, there’s an instant recognisability in Noosa style that has barely changed since the heady 1980s.

Sin used a flat 80’s style illustration technique made famous by artists such as Patrick Nagel (think Duran Duran’s famous Rio cover), and more recently Malika Favre, to channel the stylish, simplistic feel of Noosa.

A host of actors regularly appearing on the Noosa stage make both long murals, from the overlooking balcony with the sun-hatted, sophisticated socialite sipping white wine to the famous boardwalk and a lazy seafood lunch under green canopy of Frangipani and Pandanus trees. There’s a soaring black cockatoo, white umbrellas, and stand up paddleboarders. And for those that really know Noosa, there’s an injoke – a swimmer crossing the bay (there’s always one out there!).