Palm Lake Resort - TV Ad

You make me feel like dancing!

Palm Lake Resort wanted to celebrate the milestone of reaching 10,000 residents across all their communities. The brief was to use residents, not models, to stay authentic to the message. Residents can be great people but they are not professional actors, so Sin came up with an idea that would bring out the best in all of them.

The over 50s space is now very competitive, and other communities are running ads showing elegant over 50s couples (obviously models!) enjoying a high class, premium resort lifestyle, with candlelit dinners, pool side soirees and beautiful friends.

We chose an approach that was more cheeky. The idea of dancing and laughing residents can be cheesy if not done correctly, but with careful planning, direction and the professional execution from our usual production agency partner, Ravel, we came up with a winner.

The resulting ad celebrates real residents having fun living at a Palm Lake Resort. It’s upbeat, quirky and infectious. You almost want to bop along with them.