IP Kinetik

A radical idea nobody understood

When Independent Products came to Sin with their invention, it became obvious they weren’t clear on the best way to explain it’s benefits.

The problem was that it required people to rethink what they knew about achieving efficiencies with air-conditioning systems, but Independent Products’ message was mired in technical jargon.

A better name to get things moving

The product’s original name, IP Hybrid, carried perceptions of fuel / clean energy technology, which confused potential customers. IP Kinetik was such a new invention it wasn’t easy to explain. Incorrect assumptions made it harder so the old name had to go.

Sin named it Kinetik, in reference to the movement of water and energy within the system.

The name became a talking point for the new story.

A new language of prethinking

With air conditioning using up to 40% of global energy consumption the industry was focused on making air conditioners more efficient during the cooling process, after the hot air had gone into the compressor.

IP Kinetik turned the concept on it’s head and pre-cooled the air going in, by using the chilled waste water coming put of the air conditioner.

A solution born from an incredibly simple idea.

Cool from the start

Through a series of simple animations, Sin took the heat out of the selling problem quickly.

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Nothing delivers like results

Sin designed a series of infographics that illustrated how IP Kinetik compares to the average power hungry air-con unit.

Some Cool Runnings

To demonstrate how IP Kinetik worked, Sin produced an explainer video.

A perfect case for graphics

The tech itself was quite industrial, as most air conditioning units, especially in the commercial sector, are functional more than aesthetic.

IP Kinetik was designed to retro fit over existing units, reducing their energy consumption and energy bills, and increasing their operating lifespan.

Sin instead adopted a highly stylised graphic look to give the brand a clean, modern look.

The new brand and messaging had immediate impact, opening our product to more sophisticated markets and large asset managers.

Sin made the tech cool and desirable.

Steven Heaton, CEO, Independent Products