The Zones at Greater Springfield

Getting your business into the Zone

How do you differentiate a commercial development? Prices rarely inspire people to buy (unless they are too low), and it’s a small group of customers that get overly excited about fixtures and finishes.

What motivates most businesses is possibility. The potential for a decision, such as a new space, to make a positive difference to their business.

With The Zones we created a name and a brand all about that possibility. The Zones represents freestanding, individual workspaces to call your own, and beyond the name is an entire story about what a zone can do for you.


Zoning In On Success

The Zones are individual workspaces. The term was obviously reflective of ownership - this is your zone - but this was more than just an office space you own. Finding your zone, hitting the mark, getting into the groove.… these are terms we associate with success. When a business has finally created the right formula for great things. For that success to happen, it takes a combination of ingredients all working together at the same time. Critical to maximising potential is the exact right space where you can hone your business craft and give it the legs it needs.

Leasing is temporary, but here is where your business will find its future, and its individuality.


X Marks The Zone

Our creative used the target symbol with strong diagonal lines and shapes always intersecting at the centre of the target, suggesting a nexus or core. X marks the spot here. The messaging constantly calls on your aspirations to achieve more. Coupled with a bold colour palette and unique typography and unmistakable imagery, The Zones was an unmissable beacon on the Greater Springfield landscape.

This is your zone. You have found the place you were meant to be.