Business Fuel

Turning up the heat in the cash advance market place.

As a new player in the overcrowded business cash advance market, with a new business model, the client was looking for something different to fuel interest and stand out amongst the crowd.

Business Fuel was created by Sin with one eye on a memorable name we could mould into highly creative collateral and the other on the fact that the name describes what the business actually does, fuelling businesses… the perfect combination.

Strategically Fueled

Our strategy was developed to help the client reach the untapped demographic of businesses looking for extra money to expand rather than the pay-day-lender market. As this demographic are growing their businesses rather than paying out debt, it allows faster payback for Business Fuel. But this market is not motived by cash; they are motivated by business growth, and why we made the decision to steer clear of the usual pay-day-lender ‘get fast cash now!’ pitch. Sin created a clean, professional brand using distinctive imagery with a unique tone of voice and verbal language to put potential customers at ease and create a sense of trust. This was vital with larger amounts of money to be loaned.

Verbal Language

The Roll Out

With a friendlier look, feel and approach decided, our team then focused to UI/UX. With so much form abandonment throughout the loan industry, developing a quick and seamless application experience for the website was essential and a big part of the client brief. The brand was always developed with the UI/UX of the website in mind. After viewing the site and feeling at ease with the product due to the brands friendly nature, potential customers then move on to the all important application form. The clutter free and easy to use forms, together with a memorable brand helped make the site a big success. After launch, loans increased 3 fold in the first 3 months at a 50% higher borrowing average than originally projected.