City Pods - Robina Group

Stand apart in the centre of everything

A new brand and positioning for stand-alone office buildings in CBDRobina aimed at a young, entrepreneurial business sector. As part of CBDRobina’s overall positioning as a vibrant, progressive modern CBD, Sin conceptualised the name and brand for CityPods.

Sin created a brand and slogan that focused on the dynamic of new business, whilst promising to be part of a powerful network.

“Find your individuality in the centre of activity. In a kaleidoscope of enterprise that nurtures and inspires, this is your own building to fuel the seeds of success.”

Brand Strategy + Storyboard

Brand position

New millennium entrepreneurial, technologically leading, youthful and innovative.

Colour palette

Colourful, bright and energetic, indicating momentum and progression with a joyful excitement.

Product perception

Cool, enabling, smart business, aspirational.

Frames of reference

Technology leaders such as Google, Android Facebook, etc.

Value set

High, compelling need based on emotional factor of being in aspirational workspace

Audience response

“I am part of new business success”

Join the future

The unorthodox approach of Google-style business de-positions other more conservative products and reduces the threat of competitive comparisons by altering the way the market perceives this offering. It benchmarked CityPods as must-have office space for the next generation of tech-savvy young businesses.

The brand and name was initially met with uncertainty by the sales agents, but CityPods has delivered a cut-through against other commercial offerings and inspired a different audience with sell out success.