Friends of Federation Walk are a not-for-profit who gained funding for the construction of the iconic coastal track – Federation Walk. They are now focused on the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the track. Since opening in 2001, Federation Walk has provided visitors the opportunity to walk the track and immerse themselves in a unique environment of native flora and fauna, sand dunes, open spaces, and ocean views. Partnering with Sin Design, Friends of Federation Walk sought to modernize their brand presence and website. The goal of the website is to showcase the walk’s natural beauty and educate visitors about the region’s history and native flora and fauna.


Before Sin Design started the website re-design, a new brand identity was created. The new brand was designed to reflect the natural elements of the track. Earthy colours and a topographic map pattern help to communicate these elements. The establishment of the brand identity set the visual direction for the rest of the design process. The design process included the creation of low-fidelity wireframes. The wireframes enabled Sin Design to test various layouts quickly. Once the layouts were finalised development commenced.

The development team used the wireframes to create the website structure, then integrated the visual design established during brand development. By implementing the visual design during the development phase, Sin Design removed the need for hi-fidelity design comps. This process enabled close collaboration between the designers and developers. The website needed to be accessible across multiple devices including mobile, tablet and desktop. It was therefore developed using responsive design methodologies. The website was integrated into a CMS enabling the client to maintain content.

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