An exclusive look for a coveted location

Nestled against a pristine natural hillside overlooking the Sunshine Coast is a very special property development. With only 17 homesites available, Sin were asked to create a prestige brand that would showcase these sites as high-end retreats for those who love the Sunshine Coast but want a rare and exclusive haven.

As usual, the inspiration for the brand came from the product itself. There are plenty of exclusive gated precincts on the Sunshine Coast, but nothing like this. Using the estate retreats in the Byron Bay foothills as inspiration, we deliberately avoided anything too coastal – the usual default look for any Sunshine Coast property development.

Brand Story Board


The Atmosphere brand evokes the refined elegance of a true country estate home, without the rural burden. Part country manor, part architectural statement, Atmosphere was designed as a place to stretch the imagination and build that bespoke hillside retreat.

Careful attention was paid to avoid the clichés that can easily define the Sunshine Coast. Anything coastal is beach, summery, tropical and aqua. Anything in the hills is rainforest and eco. The inbetween is suburbia. Atmosphere was none of these things, so it required a brand that would inspire a different buyer.

A dark, rich colour palette of oxford blue and stately silver perfectly offsets the minimalist architecture heavy timbers, dry rock walls, and heritage patterns to suggest an exclusive address.

Inspired living.

Atmosphere’s location was a blend of hillside hinterland, coastal proximity and acreage neighbours. The target audience was second or third home buyers looking to create a different dream home, or a weekend country retreat of bold architectural statements for affluent city dwellers.

Rare air.

A focus on only 17 homesites made Atmosphere all the more exclusive, with its own recreation pavilion for like-minded neighbours to catch up.

I have a dream.

Sin also produced the video, including concept and scripting, about one man’s search for the perfect Sunshine Coast location to build his dream home. This is a far cry from the normal suburban home builder.